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Marktführer Kooperieren: Kolporter Nutzt Verifones VX 520 – Fallstudie (ENG)


In 2013 Kolporter acquired 3,5 thousand Verifone VX 520 terminals, incorporating them into business offer. Thus, the two market leaders have joined forces to offer customers a technologically advanced and modern payment solutions.

  • Kundenprofil: Kolporter
  • Unternehmensfokus: Einzelhandel

Marktführer Kooperieren: Kolporter Nutzt Verifones VX 520 – Fallstudie (ENG)

A growing interest of electronic payments can be seen in Poland for several years in a row. Also the awareness of the benefits that the acceptance of electronic payments brings is growing among entrepreneurs. Investing in payment terminal translates to success in obtaining new clients (especially people who are carrying cards instead of cash) and differentiates the company from its competitors. Modern terminals can be used not only to accept payments, but also to expand the business. Enlarged terminal’s memory allows to upload many value-added services applications (VAS), such as mobile phones top-ups, lottery coupons or bill payments.

Kolporter is the largest distributor of newspapers and one of the largest distributors of FMCG products in Poland. As part of its B2B offer, in collaboration with Bank Pekao SA, Kolporter also offers terminal services to entrepreneurs.

Kolporter was looking for a partner to provide technologically advanced payment terminals, that could both accept secure electronic payments and offer various value-added services.