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Verifone and MasterCard help MyChef go contactless

  • Profile: MyChef
  • Business Focus: Commercial restaurants chain
  • Headquarters: Italy


Verifone and MasterCard help MyChef accept contactless payments

Leading Italian restaurant brand, MyChef, turned to Verifone and MasterCard PayPass™ to implement a cashless approach to payment by deploying Verifone’s VX 820 PIN pad.

The VX 820 offers fast, easy and secure payments to protect transactions and reduce waiting time with integrated contactless technology.


MyChef, Elior Group Company, a leader in the restaurant industry with 4.5 billion EUR turnover and 14,500 restaurants in 15 countries, operates in Italy via 17 brands and 130 restaurants.  As part of their business strategy, MyChef wanted to add a cashless approach to payment to improve the customer experience and turn the point of sale into a more intelligent point of interaction.


With the aim of reducing cash payments, MyChef partnered with MasterCard and Verifone to install the VX 820 PIN pad and MasterCard PayPass™ contactless technology at a national level, covering all 130 restaurants in Italy.

MasterCard PayPass™ allows customers to pay quickly and easily by simply tapping their contactless card or NFC-enabled mobile phone to the VX 820, which has an integrated contactless/NFC reader. The transaction is accepted in seconds for amounts of 25 EUR or less.


MyChef’s commitment to contactless has several advantages, including time savings regarding cash management, increased efficiency, reduced waiting time and technological differentiation from competitors.

MasterCard PayPass™ technology in Italy was introduced in 2008. There are now over 1 million MasterCard contactless cards in circulation, accepted in more than 500,000 shops in the world.

Benefits of Verifone’s VX 820 PIN pad

  • Integrated contactless/NFC technology
  • Security: PCI PTS 3.0 approved
  • High resolution color touch screen
  • Powerful processor for extra fast transactions